Autixor: harnessing Cloud automation to augment your business.

Striving to achieve goals

If you have fixed a business goal in your mind (say you want to double your turnover) it does not just happen – along the way resources must be carefully employed, actions taken, deals made. And you need information to make this all work.

Think about it:

Life is just easier when you can access the data and information that you need.

Business success

At Vizier Ltd accounting and business consulting we certainly appreciate that being able to access the data we need from our clients’ firms helps us to do our job. If the data is accessible, we can work with it to identify areas for improvement and to suggest how to capitalise on opportunities or manage risks. Our focus is on securing strong performance for you and your business.

So, we put effort into working with our clients to develop systems, processes and procedures that will deliver robust information on a timely basis. The complementary benefit to our expertise in management accounting and business advisory services is too significant to ignore.

Fortunately, the Internet and modern software and hardware today make it possible to harness hugely powerful IT resources. This is an area of expertise that businesses can really exploit to obtain a competitive advantage.

One way to realise the potential in IT is to automate information flows.

You can easily imagine how having always-on, globally accessible Cloud technology deliver and process data real-time without typos may be preferable to and cheaper than the manual processing alternative.

Right now, automation is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way for innovators and entrepreneurs to develop a competitive edge for their businesses. Of course, simultaneous advances in AI, blockchain and big data are going to vastly extend and accelerate how businesses transform in the coming years, but automation is within grasp of anyone with a laptop, some business knowledge and coding ability and the time and energy to develop something new.

Autixor automatic processing is Vizier’s first contribution to this domain. Exact’s ERP systems and Shopify’s B2C eCommerce platform have proven very powerful assets for our clients, and we are pleased to be able to help make it easier for these two systems to work together.

We will continue to employ our competence in web and associated technologies to improve and extend the technology platforms that support effective operation and growth of Vizier's clients' businesses in future.