Autixor: harnessing Cloud automation to augment your business.

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The Internet and Cloud bring huge potential for automation - is your business harnessing this potential?

Shopify and Exact Online offer a powerful and affordable software combination to support SME eCommerce and management information needs. Autixor enables automatic processing of sales orders from Shopify into Exact Online ERP applications.

This app can only be accessed by installing it on and running it from your Shopify store.

Designed by accountants, Autixor functionality reflects the experience of a firm that has worked closely with clients to operate and develop their systems and processes.

This can be seen in the below-listed set of software features:

* Automatic, real time processing of Shopify sales orders into Exact Online.
* Functionality to allow manual selection of Shopify transactions to transfer to Exact Online.
* Quick and easy to set up and customise for your business.
* Custom setup to select which Exact Online customer accounts to post Shopify data to (via custom linking or by use of the Shopify ‘Company’ field).
* Tracking that data integrity has been reconciled between Shopify, Autixor and Exact Online.
* CSV upload functionality for checking data integrity of up to 500 transactions at a time.
* Logging of errors – e.g. if Shopify SKUs do not match Exact Online SKUs.
* Reporting of transactions processed by date, transaction number and name, currency and amount.
* Free one-month subscription to trial the app.
* Thereafter, monthly subscription is available at $65.99.
* Email support for any problems.
* Embedded Help documentation.

Autixor not only harnesses the Cloud's power to automate the sales order process, but also equips Small and Medium Enterprises users with the process insight, involvement and control that these businesses require to tailor the workings of their systems.

The purpose of this app is to empower you to do more in your business, with increased control, and to free up some of your precious time.